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Finally blogging!

This is day four of Hornby Summer School in Sorocaba, but this is only my first post! The idea is to write on my impressions of the course. So far I can say I’ve been enjoying it very much. That doesn’t it mean it is all about fun! Yes, I’ve been having a lot of fun too (Thanks to the Fun Comitee!), but at times the kind of reflection we’ve been involved with has made me feel kind of lost. But that’s all right, because I believe confusion is part of the learning process.

This morning we looked at the concept of Intercultural Competence and some practical ways of dealing with that in the classroom. Then we did some preparatory work for the video conference with David Gradoll tomorrow, based on his work on the future of English. Finally, we had a OSDE Methodology Workshop in which we examined the concept of development. I found out that I have two contrasting ideas of development: one is more of a mainsream understanding of it and the other is a very personal one, that has been with me for a long time. I’d like to go deeper into that, but right now I’m really tired – it’s been a long day – and I can’t  find the words. So I guess I’ll go and relax in the warm swimming pool… Not bad at all, hein?


January 12, 2006 at 2:53 pm 3 comments


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